Manicures – Clinic Services

A treatment for the hands that involves making the skin feel softer and making the nails look better by cutting, smoothing, and painting them


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Manicures – Clinic Services

01. Course Highlights

Cluster Lashes: Learn the art of creating volume and fullness.

Silk Lashes: Delve into the technique of applying lightweight, natural-looking silk lashes.

Fiber Lashes: Explore the use of high-quality fiber lashes for a dramatic effect.

Classic to Volume Lashes: Transition from basic single-lash application to voluminous styles.

Hybrid Sets: Master the combination of classic and volume lashes for a bespoke look.

3D Lashes: Understand the intricacies of three-dimensional lash application.

Angel (Wet) Sets: Discover the secrets of crafting a dewy, fresh lash appearance.

Anime (Manga) Style: Embrace the bold, expressive style inspired by manga.

Wispy Style: Learn to create delicate, feather-like lashes for a soft, natural effect.