Apex Aesthetics Academy:

Comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training Program

Embark on an in-depth learning experience with our professional eyelash extension course. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a thorough understanding of every aspect of eyelash extensions, blending theory with hands-on practice.

Our class open monthly

Advance Skincare

Apex Aesthetics Academy:

Comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training Program

01. Advance Skincare

Advance Program

Skin Care: Foundations and techniques for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

Korean Myofacial Contouring Facial Massage: A unique method for facial sculpting and rejuvenation.

Acne Skin Care: Specialized approaches for treating acne-prone skin.

Hair Removal: Comprehensive training in various hair removal techniques.

Advanced Methods

Microneedling: Learn this innovative technique for skin regeneration.

Herbal Peeling: Natural methods for skin exfoliation and renewal.

LHA Peeling: Advanced exfoliation techniques for different skin types.

Amini Fiber Thread: Cutting-edge anti-aging treatments.

Gold Therapy: Luxurious treatments for skin revitalization.

Oxygen Peeling: Innovative peeling methods for enhanced skin health.

Zero Peeling: Explore the latest in gentle yet effective skin peeling.

Our program is tailored to ensure that you not only master the art of lash extension but also understand the nuances and subtleties that make each application unique. Elevate your skills with Apex Aesthetics Academy, where every aspect of eyelash extension is taught with precision and expertise.